Bernard Thear.


Personal Details

Date of Birth:               24/11/1947


Address:                      ‘WISTERIA HOUSE’

                                    HIGH STREET



                                    HP22 4NS


Contact Daytime

Telephone:                  01296 640437         

Fax:                             01296 334924


Contact Evening

Telephone:                  01296 640437

Mobile:                        07976 647162


Occupation:                 TRANSPORT DIRECTOR


Employer:                    M & J SEAFOODS


Height:                         1.80M                                 


Weight:                        86 KGS



There appears to be one constant in my life that, regardless of what I do and where I do it, I can’t seem to avoid –motor vehicles! It seems that I am destined to be surrounded by vehicles of one sort or another – always have been, and always will be!


I have been Transport Director at M & J Seafood for the past 16 years. Over the years I have also been involved with motor sport in one form or another. This has ranged from competitive sidecar passenger through to finishing the Formula Palmer Audi series in the top 30% and my present ambition of gaining a fully sponsored drive in a single seater – probably something quite unique at 55!



As far back as I can remember I always longed to be a side car passenger. I experienced my first taste of this thrilling sport in the late 1970’s. The next dozen or so years were spent competing all over the country, the Isle of Man and Europe. Great success was achieved, including winning the Newmarket Club Championship and coming runner up in the prestigious Marlboro Yamaha Daily Express Championship. I received extensive press exposure as a result of my success in this sport, including coverage on Grandstand and Eurosport, as well as in Motor Cycle News and Motor Cycle Weekly.


A heavy accident in 1992 brought about a premature retirement in this class. However, I continued to maintain a presence in competitive motor sport, participating in events such as Indoor and Outdoor Karting and Palmer Promotional Sports events, where I always managed to win one class – if not the whole day.


I have also had the pleasure of competitive Road Driving – competing in Company Car Driver of the Year for 3 years, where I achieved good results, and of course, needless to say, I hold an HGV Class I Licence.


My first experience in Formula Palmer Audi single seat driving came in 2000 in the Rookie Race Series. I never could have anticipated the excitement and pleasure that this sport could bring. No matter what, I was determined to race the following year in single seater wings and slicks!


The 2001 series really did prove to be something. Against an extremely strong field, including several very experienced drivers, I set out to make it a season of personal bests. I certainly rose to the challenge presented to me and performed well at each meeting, scoring point upon point along the way. At the close of the season, I felt more than happy with what I had achieved and was evermore intent on signing for the following year.


The 2002 FPA Championship once again spanned twelve races. I had even more success this year and pocketed a dozen points more than during 2001. Not satisfied with gaining just points, I also managed to steal the prestigious ‘Ferodo Trophy’ on two occasions, as well as the ‘Gemini Press Cup’.


As you can appreciate, with motor sport comes a great deal of expenditure. Whilst I have financed the majority of my efforts thus far and will continue to provide economic input as finances allow, I am looking for sponsorship from renowned institutions, such as yours, to support me during 2003.


The 2003 Championship will see me competing at 4 venues across the country & 2 in Europe and will give any sponsor national and European exposure in advertising, as well as a heightened profile via Sky Sports. Possible additional rounds in Europe will increase this exposure for sponsors.

My contacts within local, county publications should also further your exposure and keep your company in the public eye, as I feel quite sure they will wish to follow my progress.


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