Sponsors Opinion.



“FPA has given us a great platform to promote our business and we make extensive use of the excellent hospitality and the TV coverage helps build brand awareness.” 


“Our driver sponsorship has helped build team spirit at our company, the staff have really got behind the project and become more motivated about our brand.”


“…the hospitality was also thoroughly enjoyable and led to a most pleasurable day.”


“Thank you very much for the excellent day you provided at Brands Hatch.”


“The racing was enhanced tremendously by the fact that we knew one of the drivers – we had certainly not anticipated that it would make so much difference to the thrill of it all.”


“I would like to thank you for looking after me and for your hospitality which was wonderful.”


“Your enthusiasm for the sport is both clear and infectious.”


“What an achievement!”


“I would like to express my complete satisfaction with our sponsorship package at Brands Hatch.”


“This event was first class and from the outset the organisation was professionally handled.”

“The detail was excellent and our logos looked fantastic on the car!”





“Given the opportunity we would participate again.”


“We used the occasion to entertain key customers on the day.”


“The corporate hospitality was located in the pit lane, an area normally reserved for the likes of Schumacher and Ferrari …. You can imagine the delight we all experienced upon arrival.”


“The catering was excellent and we were all cared for by the FPA Team.”


“You had a great drive making sure our name was prominent and on the track for both races! Well done.”


“Thank you for the time you personally gave to our guests, they were delighted and I’m sure they felt special.”



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