Racing Car Technical Specification.

‘As near to an F1 car as can be obtained’

Originally designed and manufactured by Van Diemen International.



CHASSIS:           Advanced full aluminium honeycomb monocoque.



Manufacturer:       Audi.

Capacity:              1.8 litres.

Cylinders:             4 Valve Gear Twin overhead camshaft, 20-valve head.

Fuel System:        Pectel Electronic fuel injection.

Aspiration:            Water cooled Garrett T3 turbo, intercooled with closed loop boost control

Maximum Power:  300 bhp with 350 bhp available on driver activated over-boost.


COOLING:           High efficiency aluminium radiator with low drag coefficients housed in side pods. High efficiency oil/water heat exchanger. Air/air intercooler for inlet-charge cooling.


GEARBOX:         5 Speed Hewland FGC transaxle with magnesium casing and limited slip differential.


SUSPENSION:    Advanced push-rod activated systems all round incorporating anti-squat and anti-dive operates on wide based aerofoil section wishbones mounted in double shear, which include the latest anti-intrusion bar requirements. Uprights are cast in heat-treated aluminium and incorporate large diameter angular contact bearings. Ohlins dampers adjustable in bump and rebound. Fully adjustable front and rear anti roll bars.


BRAKES:            Lightweight double acting 4 pot callipers and diameter ventilated floating discs all round. Fully aero quipped with cockpit adjustable front-to-rear bias.



Front Wing:          Full width one piece carbon composite – adjustable main plane and flaps.

Rear Wing:           Three upper elements profiled similarly to FIA F3000 specification and incorporating a lower carbon composite element mounted on the gearbox. Composite end plates.

Floor:                    50 mm stepped floor.


TYRES:               Specifically designed and supplied by Avon to suit requirements of FPA. Both front and rear are new, specially made for the car and between F3 and F3000 in size. Construction and compound developed to provide a tyre with consistent grip and good durability.

Front:                   Slick and wet               Size 250/570 R13

Rear:                    Slick and wet               Size 300/600 R13


FUEL SYSTEM:  A 42 litre minimum usable capacity foam filled cell to FIA/Spec/F3 specification located behind the driver’s seat bulkhead and in front of the rear monocoque bulkhead.


COCKPIT:           Detachable 10” Momo steering wheel acting on specialist Van Diemen rack and pinion unit. Stack system electronic instrumentation and data acquisition, monitoring driver inputs (steering and throttle position) plus essential engine data.



Wheelbase:          2667 mm

Front Track:         1473 mm

Rear Track:          1447 mm

Dry weight:           530 kg



Top Speed:          270 kph or 168 mph

0-100 kph:            2.8 seconds

0-160 kph:            6.2 seconds




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